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Into Your Presence

Song List:
Right Here, Right Now
My Soul Longs After You
Sacred Heart
A Few Friends in Georgia
Clean Hands & a Pure Heart
Into Your Presence
You Who Are Weary Come
My Heart is Changed

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Church of the Nations

What is a nation?It is any group of people with common needs and a common culture,who speak a common language.It does not have to be a geographical location. A business man in Hong Kong may have more in common with a business man in New York than with a street kid in Hong Kong. A mother in Georgia will speak the same language as a mother in Idaho.

A Church of the Nations is any church that begins to look at the nations around them and reach out to others with the life giving story of Jesus Christ. This book will equip your church or you to respond to this pivotal moment in human history and go to all nations.


Centrality of the Cross Pa
perback Study Guide

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ISBN 0-9759218-1-9
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